Antiparos Photo Festival 2014

The second Antiparos Photo Festival took place between 4th and 13th July 2014 and was a major step upwards from the previous year. As in 2013, the festival hosted work by members of the Facebook Antiparos Photo Gallery plus the following talented photographers

  • Eirini Sioti (guest of honour)(GR)
  • Yannis Bagourdas (GR)
  • John Corlett (GB)
  • Erotokritos Formavelk (GR)
  • Kostas Grispos (GR)
  • Irini Marinopoulou (GR)
  • Nana Slimba (GR)
  • Christina Sorovou (GR)
  • Andreas Schoinas (GR)
  • Katerina Vafia (GR)
  • Sylvie Wagner (CH)
  • Efi Haliori (GR)
  • Dimitris Zografos (GR)


Unlike the previous year, the main exhibition was outdoors in the medieval castle. Subtle lighting showed both the photographs and the castle itself to their very best advantage.



A further highlight of the 2014 festival was the 5-day workshop hosted by the celebrated Magnum Photos photographer Gueorgui Pinkassov.



Media attention was much greater than in 2013, including a full-page article in the Greek national daily newspaper Kathimerini.


And we had music....


We would like to thank all the talented photographers that exhibited, our great sponsors, all the photography sites and magazines that listed our event, Kathimerini newspaper, Gueorgui Pinkassov of Magnum Photos and, last but not least, the many volunteers who made the festival possible. 



Eirini Sioti (guest of honour)