Antiparos Photo Festival 2015


The 2015 edition of the Antiparos Photo Festival ran from 4th to 13th July and continued to build on the platform we had established in 2014. Originally scheduled for 14 photographers, 13 actually took part, as well as photographers from the movie Suntan, which was shot on the island, and, as usual, members of the Antiparos Photo Gallery on Facebook. In 2015, Antiparos was being hard hit by the Greek economic crisis, which also impacted the festival. Nevertheless, it was generally felt that this had been the most successful festival to date.

The following photographers exhibited:

  • Vasilis Artikos - Guest of Honour (GR)
  • Christian Luescher (CH)
  • Christian Stemper (A)
  • Yorgos Nounesis (GR)
  • John Corlett (GB)
  • Leda de Piart (GR)
  • Leonidas Germanopoulos (GR)
  • Manolis Karatarakis (GR)
  • Sofia Georgakopoulou (GR)
  • Spiros Balios (GR)
  • Stella Sidiropoulou (GR)
  • Stratis Kastrisianakis (GR)
  • Susan Daboll (USA)

Workshops were held by Toralf Sandaker.

The guest of honour in 2015 was the celebrated Greek photographer Vasilis Artikos, best known for his atmospheric photographs of his native Missolonghi.

And live music was also part of the festival.

Once again, our thanks go out to all of the talented photographers who took part in the festival and - most of all - to the team of young volunteers who worked tirelessly to make it a success.