Antiparos Photo Festival 2013

Modest though it was by the standards of most photo festivals, the Antiparos Photo Festival 2013 was nevertheless a resounding success. Out of 46 photographs exhibited, we sold all but 10. Toralf Sandåker’s excellent workshop was also well attended. And that means that we are able to donate 700 euros to the local school! 

But far more important than that is how the festival was received by the local community. We were amazed that so many people thanked us for staging the event. On the contrary, it’s we who should be thanking them for making it possible.
And while we’re on the subject of thanks…we would like to extend our gratitude to the photographers: Toralf Sandåker, Magnus Fredriksson, Stratis Kastrisianakis, Magda Lothe, Costas Grispos, Olga Missirliadou, Stavroula Galani, Jesper Boye Olsen, Vicky Kiriakopoulou, Theologos Kalargyros, Teye Minkema, Panayotis Sfalagakos, Yannis Triantafyllos and Erietta Kavoura. All of these fine photographers gave their services for free. In fact nobody benefitted financially from the festival apart from the school.

And let’s not forget the backroom. The festival would not have been possible without Mairi Chatzaki, Sofia Alexandropoulos and Zina Kastania of the ‘Anti’ gallery and, of course, Bennos Maounis, who kindly provided exhibition space.

Thank you all!


  Toralf Sandåker gives a workshop